Setting the UX direction for future migration OF mitid

Client: Danish Agency of Digitization

Where: In2media/Charlie Tango (2017)

My role:
UX strategy
User testing

The Project

Danish Agency of Digitization is standing at the forefront of an exciting and complex journey with the switch from NemID to MitID (public common secure login). As a part of that journey they wanted to explore and get more knowledge about the flow and experience that companies would have when migrating from NemID to MitID.
As UX lead on the project my main responsibilities was to create a process that allowed us to explore, challenge and combine knowledge that existed different places in the organisation.
The main challenge was to translate the knowledge and all the unknown factors into a meaningful concept for the user.

Louise is able to get into technically complicated details and turn it into user journeys that do not seem to be technically complicated to the user. At the same time, Louise is good at asking questions that make it possible to get around all perspectives of a problem - and Louise handles various business needs in a positive, constructive and accommodating manner.
— Jeanne Dragheim, Special Advisor, Danish Agency of Digitization

Knowledge overview

In order to get an overview of the knowledge that already existed in the organization I facilitated discussions and workshops with stakeholders from business, IT and legal.
The different user groups and their characteristics were explored in a previous project so I wanted to explore how the stakeholders actually talked about and imagined the migration of MitID for business within the Danish Agency of Digitization.
I ran a 'conversational exercise' that forced the different stakeholders to describe the information flow in the future migration of MitID for business. I used the insights from this exercise and the knowledge that I had about the users to create a concept that we could later test.



It became clear that the migration flow actually consisted of to different messages and actions for the user 1) Agree on new terms and 2) Select new login. Based on the knowledge of the user my hypothesis was that only having one migration flow would result in information overload and a potential risk that the user would not complete the migration. 
I suggested two flows allowing Danish Agency of Digitization to have a clear message in a user friendly flow and at the same time minimize the potential risk from an IT perspective. 

Skærmbillede 2018-03-04 kl. 13.09.03.png


All the knowledge and insights were translated into a prototype where I tested the two flows. The user test showed that the two flows resulted in very clear messages and the users understood what to do and what the instructions meant to them. 
The different user scenarios were visualized in user journeys so the relation between the different users were clear.



With the high amount of complexity and questions that the user should deal with, it was suggested to divide the migration into two simple flows with one purpose each.
A clickable prototype was developed to test and validate that the concept actually would fit into the work flow that the users had.
The outcome was simple and meaningful flows and UX strategies to support these flows as well as a highlevel concept that should be used in the future development of MitID. 

Skærmbillede 2018-03-04 kl. 13.09.16.png
Skærmbillede 2018-03-05 kl. 20.17.36.png